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Questions that perplex, part two

the thinkerPerhaps cancer has colored my perception, but there are many things in American society which make no sense to me as a rational being. After addressing more frivolous concerns recently, let’s look at a burning political question.

Why don’t more people vote? Soon, viewers will sit down with popcorn in front of the movie “Suffragette” and find it astonishing that English suffragists were exposed to terrible violence and oppression during their campaigns in the 1910s; but a large number of these same viewers will completely ignore Election Day when it rolls around. How can anyone be so indifferent to a crucial right that people died to gain? National politics are indeed difficult to influence, but it’s impressively easy to make a real difference at the local level.

I become indignant when people tell me that their vote doesn’t count, or that primaries aren’t important, or that the system is broken and doesn’t merit being supported. If you feel this way, run for mayor or councilperson yourself, and show us your awesome plans for improving the existing system! Monroe County had virtually the lowest voting turnout of all of Indiana last year, which is cause for community-wide shame when considering how many educated and creative people live here. And remember: the city of Bloomington wouldn’t be marred by so much horrible misdevelopment around its central core today if more citizens had turned out during the planning process to voice their disapproval.

Indeed, your vote definitely counts.